The Speculative Fiction Blog Hop – this week, Sheila Guthrie

Here is my weekly round-up of the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop. Sheila Guthrie is this week’s contributor, and has also taken over the organisation of the Blog Hop from Heidi Garrett, who is concentrating on the Speculative Fiction Showcase, together with Cora Buhlert and myself.

Sheila has taken up the torch to write about her writing process. Sheila is a fan of Scrivener ( a very helpful programme for writers) and got me interested. She writes both Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction, and tends to write character-driven novels. Go and read her post!

Forthcoming blog posts:

September 1: Harry Manners
September 8: Carole McDonnell
September 15: Dean F. Wilson

October 6: Amelia Smith

There are plenty of openings, especially if you are a member of the KBoards.

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If you’re a spec fic author and want to participate in the blog hop, please contact Sheila_Guthrie.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Heidi Garrett for starting the ball rolling, Sheila Guthrie for taking it up and Sandra K. Williams for keeping the long list of links updated.

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