My new short story from Patreon

As you may know, Grimbold Books are running a Patreon, and subscribers get exclusive content from their authors, together with art from Josh Cornah and Sophie Tallis.

So far this month alone we’ve had the regular comic strip Grim and Bold, a short story by Kate Coe set in her GreenSky series universe, a link to purchase cool Lovecraftian fantasy shirts in celebration of the anthology being published at the end of the month, and a session of regular podcast The Grimcast with hosts Zoe Harris, Allan Bot, and Joel Cornah, and special guests Claire Ayres from brizzlelassbooks and Thomas Wagner from SFF180.

All this content is exclusively available to subscribers at various levels: for $2 a month, you get The Grimbold Newsletter, featuring news, writing tips, and the Grim and Bold comic strip.

For $5 or more a month you get all the previous rewards plus…Hall of fame:
they can promote you or your project every week, or you can have your name in shiny letters on the website.

And for $7 or more you get the previous rewards plus exclusive interviews with published authors, short stories, and previews of new books.

And so onward and upwards!

On 17th May, they released my exclusive short story Theodora’s Chance, which features one of the most important characters in my forthcoming novel Winterbloom. Unusually for me, the story is set in this world, in England, just after the First World War.

Here’s a teaser:

The house where they grew up was called Wraxall; it had been built by their grandfather, who made his fortune from guano. His Anglican piety and fondness for Gothic architecture had produced a mansion that resembled Notre Dame crossed with St Pancras Station. It had pinnacles, turrets and tiled roofs; the only vernacular touch was the golden limestone from which it was built. In the new Edwardian era, it already seemed excessive, even vulgar in its grandiosity.

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