Children of the Shaman

Cover art by Daniele Serra

Children of the Shaman is set in the fictional world of Mir, where magic and steam-based technology are found working side by side.

It tells the story of young shaman Annat Vasilyevich as she struggles to come to terms with her dysfunctional family, her heritage as an outcast Wanderer, and her sometimes frightening shamanic powers.

With her mother dead and her aunt in hospital, Annat has to travel to the far north with her father Yuda Vasilyevich, a shaman more famous for his fighting powers and his unconventional sexuality than his parenting skills.

The cover art for this edition is by award-winning artist Daniele Serra, with internal illustrations by Evelinn Enoksen.

Children of the Shaman is available from Amazon | Kobo | Waterstones | Barnes & Noble | Nook  

Children of the Shaman is published by award-winning small press Grimbold Books, through their Kristell Ink imprint.

My short story Terra Incognita recently appeared in the Science Fiction anthology Terra Nullius, edited by  Ellen Crosháin & Kate Coe and published by Kristell Ink, together with Infinite Dysmorphia and Holding on by our Fingertips.