A daughter’s curse haunts two families…

The Girl from the Sea: Book 0 of the Shaman series

Girl from the Sea cover

When Aude steps out of the sea, she changes three lives; her own and that of a brother and sister born under a curse.
Exiled from her castle home in the far north, Aude is a Doxan, follower of the Mother Goddess, Megalmayar; Yuste and Yuda are Wanderers, a race the Goddess cursed to live without a homeland until the return of her Son.
But the twins are also shamans, destined to wield remarkable powers when they come of age, a time that is drawing near.
Together, the children face a terrible enemy that rises from a lost city under the sea. Will they survive the perils of adolescence in their world, and defeat the threat from beneath the waves?

Children of the Shaman: Book 1 of the Shaman series

Children of the Shaman

Young Annat is doubly cursed: an outcast Wanderer and a Shaman, born with uncanny powers. She has no wish to meet the father she never knew. But Yuda is also a powerful Shaman, whose powers can heal – and kill. When Annat’s brother vanishes, she must go with Yuda into a perilous underworld, where she will learn how to use magic – if she survives.

The Glass Mountain: Book 2 of the Shaman series

Glass Mountain

As crows return to the skies over Masalyar, dark magic is at work.
Annat learns that a Magus has raised an old enemy from the dead, and an army is marching on Masalyar. But before she can raise the alarm, Annat is taken captive to the Glass Mountain, the Magus’s stronghold east of the mountains.
An unlikely alliance sets out to rescue her and stop the Magus: her aunt Yuste, who lost her powers in childhood, a burnt-out shaman-detective, and two renegade knights.
Yuste may be the only one who can save her family – and her country. But in the forests of the North, she will confront her true self, her twin brother – and the wolves.

Malarat: Book 3 of the Shaman series


The shamans of Masalyar face a new threat: the Duc de Malarat and his fanatical ally, the Inquisitor Valdes de Siccaria.
The Inquisitor plans to destroy all shamans, who he regards as sorcerors.
But Siccaria himself is the pawn of a greater power, a madman with a strange obsession: he wants to conquer Heaven on behalf of the Empire of Anglond and its Queen.
Annat finds herself caught up in a war fought across time and space: it will tear her family apart and change her life – and her world – for ever.

Winterbloom: Book 4 of the Shaman series


Sophie Vasilyevich is a teenager growing up in Anglond, the child of exiles. Sometimes grass springs up where she walks, and her future holds an unusual fate: she is going to be kidnapped when she is sixteen, and no one can stop it.
Taken between worlds to the city of Bath in 1920’s England, Sophie meets a young man called James Carnwallis, once a pilot in the Great War. But even as she falls in love, she learns more about the forces at work – and her fate in their plans.
As an alliance of shamans, ghosts and gods assembles in a desperate attempt to recover Sophie and prevent the destruction of their worlds, they find that their only hope may lie in Sophie’s gift, and in the Greenwood: a power older than time itself.

About the Shaman series

The Shaman series is set in the fictional world of Mir, where magic and steam-based technology are found side by side.

The first book, Children of the Shaman, tells the story of young shaman Annat Vasilyevich as she struggles to come to terms with her dysfunctional family, her heritage as an outcast Wanderer, and her frightening shamanic powers. 

Published by Kristell Ink, part of British Fantasy Award-winning small press Grimbold Books, Children of the Shaman is the first in a series; the sequels are The Glass Mountain, Malarat and Winterbloom. Tunguska, the fifth book in the series, is in preparation.

All four books have cover art by award-winning artist Daniele Serra, and Children of the Shaman has internal illustrations by Evelinn Enoksen.