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A letter to my MP

This is the text of a letter I have just sent to my MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg:

Dear Mr Rees-Mogg,
As one of your constituents, I am writing to express in the strongest terms my opposition to the prorogation of Parliament by the Prime Minister.
Despite the Prime Minister’s assertion that he intends to bring forward important legislation, his action appears to be a blatant attempt to subvert the sovereignty of Parliament, which you yourself have asserted you wish to protect from the derogations of the European Union.
There appears to be a contradiction in your position. If Parliament is sovereign, why is it appropriate to suspend its sitting at a crucial moment when there are weeks to go before this country is due to leave the EU?
The appeal by the Prime Minister to the electorate over the head of Parliament is a discredited tactic used by demagogues in this and the last century. It invokes the idea of government by plebiscite, which can become the pretext for authoritarian rule in the event of any opposition. Rule by plebiscite, like rule by prerogative powers, has no place in a parliamentary democracy.
The most dispiriting aspect is the bad faith with which both the prorogation and a “no deal” Brexit are presented as being the popular, legitimate and indeed the only alternatives. I cannot help suspecting that the entire Brexit adventure represents an attempt to restore laissez-faire capitalism in this country. The “will of the people” represents the good of the few. 
The Prime Minister’s speech reminds me of a Roman Dictator offering bread and circuses to the plebeians, as if he believes that we, the electorate, are stupid and will accept his explanation without demur. I hope I am wrong.
What meaning do the words “parliamentary democracy” have when an unelected prime minister whose party retains a vestigial Commons majority flouts the constitution he claims to defend?

Yours sincerely,


Malarat joins the Time Benders!

Time Benders
Time Benders

From 24th August until September 22nd, Malarat is one of a bundle of discounted eBooks featured on StoryOrigin.
Why “Time Benders”? Because all the featured books involve time travel, history and steampunk!

From a re-imagining of the story of Joseph of Nazareth, to an epic historical romance set in the Kremlins (fortresses) of medieval Russia, Malarat is in congenial company.

A special thank you to promo organiser Stephanie Ayers, whose just-released anthology Bending Time published by Crazy Ink sets the theme for the promo bundle.

The Girl from the Sea lands…

The Girl from the Sea

The Girl from the Sea, which launches today, is the prequel to Children of the Shaman. Set some twenty-nine years earlier, it tells the story of the eponymous Shaman, his twin sister, and their best friend, Aude d’Iforas.

They grow up in the same world, experiencing its industrial revolution, but also filled with unsettling magic. And twin shamans Yuste and Yuda Vasilyevich have to learn how to handle their own magical powers on the brink of adolescence, a process that ranges from painful to comical.

But out in the bay near the small village where they live lies the sunken city of Savorin, and something ancient has wakened from its slumbers…

At an astonishing 88 pages, The Girl from the Sea is a slim volume, literally lighter than my other books.

The book is available for purchase from the Kindle Store, to borrow from Kindle Unlimited, and also as a paperback.

Science Fiction and Fantasy sale

Courtesy of book promo site Storyorigin, today I am featuring the Sci-Fi and Fantasy sale organised by author Rachel Ford.
From July 22-28, the listed books will be on sale for .99 and Children of the Shaman is on the page with 35 fab books and a huge range of titles across the genre, with some striking cover art.
Click below to see them all!

Who is The Girl from the Sea?

All the books in the Children of the Shaman series are discounted in the Kindle Store to 99p or 99c because my new novella The Girl from the Sea is now available for pre-order.

The Girl from the Sea is the prequel to Children of the Shaman, and takes place about twenty-three years before the events in the first book.

When Aude steps out of the sea, she changes three lives; her own and that of a brother and sister born under a curse.

Children of the Shaman and friends on Amazon

The Girl from the Sea pre-order

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Winterbloom day

Wonterbloom cover

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Winterbloom is released today, joining the previous volumes in the Shaman series: Children of the Shaman, The Glass Mountain and Malarat.

With huge thanks to my publisher Sammy HK Smith and everyone at Kristell Ink, who have overcome considerable challenges to bring out all four books.

Kristell Ink commissioned the stunning new cover art by Daniele Serra, which appears in the banner: below are the individual covers.

As well as giving a shout out to everyone involved, I’d like to dedicate this to the memory of my friend Deborah Miller, author of Talisker, a brilliant writer who should be here now…

Children of the Shaman cover
Children of the Shaman
Cover Glass Mountain
The Glass Mountain
Malarat cover



I’m delighted to announce that Winterbloom, the fourth book in the Shaman series, will be published by Kristell Ink on February 28th 2019.

The book is available for pre-order from Amazon and Amazon UK, and will be available from other places like the Book Depository and Foyles (on back order).

The other books in the series are also available: The Glass Mountain is for sale on Amazon, and Malarat is in preparation.

Winterbloom has cover art by award-winning artist Daniele Serra.

Sophie Vasilyevich is a teenager growing up in Anglond, the child of exiles. Sometimes grass springs up where she walks, and her future holds an unusual fate: she is going to be kidnapped when she is sixteen, and no one can stop it.
Taken between worlds to the city of Bath in 1920’s England, Sophie meets a young man called James Carnwallis, once a pilot in the Great War. But even as she falls in love, she learns more about the forces at work – and her fate in their plans.
As an alliance of shamans, ghosts and gods assembles in a desperate attempt to recover Sophie and prevent the destruction of their worlds, they find that their only hope may lie in Sophie’s gift, and in the Greenwood: a power older than time itself.


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