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Mir – the shaman world. A growing series of fantasy books “set in a world both familiar and fantastical”.

Children of the Shaman

cover art

 An ancient power returns.

A world is trapped in time and snow.

The only hope: a young outcast.

In the remote interior of Lefranu someone – or something – has been killing railway workers. Driving a tunnel under the forest, they have started to die, horribly. Yuda Vasilyevich, a shaman, is sent to investigate.

Yuda brings with him the teenage children he deserted when they were small: spikey Annat, a shaman like her father, and bookish Malchik, who has not forgotten his father’s mistreatment of their mother.

When Malchik is drawn into the underworld, Yuda and Annat set out to find him; so begins a perilous journey into a world of ice, with danger ahead and an implacable enemy behind them. Only they can solve the mystery and defeat the power of the Cold One.

The Glass Mountain

The Glass Mountain - Displaying Cover

A corrupt Magus;

A plan to raise the dead;

Who will free the prisoners from the Glass Mountain?

When crows return to the skies over Masalyar, young shaman Annat knows it is a bad omen. A rogue shaman from the mighty Sklavan Empire is on the loose, and he carries a whole world trapped in a suitcase.

He plans to lure Annat and her student brother Malchik to his lair in the Glass Mountain. There he will steal their souls and use them to resurrect an old enemy.

As an army marches on their homeland, Annat and her brother need to escape and warn their allies. Their only hope is their aunt, Yuste, but she lost her powers years ago.

Yuste sets out on the long journey to the mountain with a few faithful companions. But in the forests of the North she must first confront her true self, her twin brother – and the wolves.


Malarat - eBook Cover Displaying

A demon conjured from ancient lore.

A priest who hides a shameful secret.

A madman who is also a god.

The mediaeval Duc de Malarat wants to reunite the divided Kingdom of Lefranu and rule through a puppet king. But first he must subdue the free cities of the South, with their steam engines and magic.

When they send an alliance of shamans against him, they learn that he has a secret weapon – the Spider – wielded by a band of fanatical warrior monks.

Pure iron can cripple and kill any shaman; soon the powerful Yuda Vasilyevich, Huldis Sorel, his wise and beautiful apprentice, his fiery daughter Annat and their allies find themselves facing the worst danger they have ever known.

Everything they love, their lives and their world are at stake; not everyone will survive the struggle that follows, and the dead will decide its outcome.

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