Children of the Shaman

cover art


Annat Vasilyevich is a young shaman who longs to escape her strict aunt and the small village where she grew up. She wants to use the powers that are growing stronger now she is no longer a child.

When she and her brother go to live with their shaman father, who works as a guard on the steam railway, it seems her dreams of adventure will be realised. He takes them to the northern terminus, a place on the edge of maps.

But her dream turns dark when an evil force drags her brother into the frozen world of La Souterraine. As Annat and her father set out in pursuit, they face an implacable enemy who wants to kill them – and worse.

In the journey that follows, Annat is drawn into the adult world of loyalty and betrayal, friendship and desire, as she and her family fight for survival against a powerful Goddess. The Goddess can bestow life as well as death, but her legend will pursue and trap the characters in her domain.

The Glass Mountain

The Glass Mountain - Displaying Cover


Now aged sixteen, Annat is living in the city of Masalyar and training as an apprentice shaman. Struggling with the pangs of first love and a wish for freedom, she is horrified to see the crows flying over her city. Something she thought destroyed for ever has risen again: a spectre from the past.

When her brother disappears, she and her aunt set out to find out what has become of him. But Annat is caught and imprisoned in the Glass Mountain, a place from legend.

A powerful Magus needs their souls and their father’s heart to cast his greatest spell, to bring a dead man to life. Unless he can be stopped, Annat, her brother and their father will die; and the country will be overthrown.

But there is something hidden in the Mountain that will change their lives. They must fight to protect their own world, and to save another: one so small it can be hidden in a suitcase.



Malarat - eBook Cover Displaying


Now an adult shaman, Annat wants only to work as a musician, and enjoy the social season with her girlfriend.

Instead she is despatched north against the mediaeval armies of the Duc de Malarat, who wants to subjugate the whole country. Malarat possesses a weapon that can kill the most powerful of shamans.

While Annat’s father leads his followers into enemy territory, Annat must defend the city of Yonar from an army wielding not only cannon and archers, but demons and plagues.

With the shamans standing against them, the tyrant Duc de Malarat and his allies want more than victory: they want Annat and all shamans destroyed.



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