The Speculative Fiction Blog Hop – with Vincent Trigili

This week’s exciting instalment of the Blog Hop is from Vincent Trigili, another alumnus of the Kindleboards. Vincent is the author of a saga, Lost Tales of Power.

He says (and I quote):

I write what I love to read. I do not want to read Vogon Poetry so I do not write that. I do not want to read political commentaries, so I do not write that. What I enjoy reading are stories about good people fighting for good causes and doing it with lightning bolts and space ships. I want to read about dragons defending gates to space stations. I want to be lost in the adventure and caught up in the struggle. So that is what I write.

You can read more here, though be warned – the bit about his writing process is quite alarming!

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If you’re a spec fic author and want to participate in the blog hop, contact Sheila_Guthrie.

Acknowledgements: Big thank yous to Heidi Garrett for starting the ball rolling, Sheila Guthrie for running with it and Sandra K. Williams for keeping the long list of links updated.

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