Round-up of Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month for July

The Speculative Fiction Showcase is back! It will restart on 31st August with a new feature called ‘Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month’.

In the mean time, Cora Buhlert has reposted the round-up for July from her blogs Pegasus Pulp and her personal blog.

You can read the July instalment here at the Speculative Fiction Showcase.

Says Cora:

On offer this month is a broad spectrum of titles, featuring science fiction, space opera, grimdark fantasy, Steampunk, dystopian fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, urban fantasy, Asian based fantasy, fairytale retellings, the ever popular vampires, the ever popular zombies, the not quite so popular selkies, dinosaurs, gladiators, superpowers, soul thieves, funeral gatecrashers, the afterlife and much more. We even have a non-fiction essay collection.

Coming soon: the latest instalment of the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop. Heidi Garrett is curating the Speculative Fiction Showcase together with Cora Buhlert and myself; the Hop, still going from strength to strength, will now be co-ordinated by Sheila Guthrie.