Michael Patrick Hicks reviews Kristin Dearborn

Review: Kristin Dearborn first came to my attention earlier this year with the DarkFuse release, Woman In White. I liked that one well enough, but noted in my review that, “I could have gone for some deeper character explorations…and I could have used way more of the supernatural aspect.” Apparently, Stolen Away was the Dearborn […]… Continue reading Michael Patrick Hicks reviews Kristin Dearborn


Is the site of a famous asteroid/meteorite airburst, though some people think it was aUFO crash. The local people attributed it to shamans fighting. And there's an X Files episode with the same name. It is now the working title of my next book, which probably won't be called that because Tunguska is a real… Continue reading Tunguska

Now what?

With Winterbloom and its predecessors having been accepted for publication by Kristell Ink, I am now facing that olde authorial dilemma: what to write next? (I am also facing the dilemma what to read next. In fact #amreading but with interruptions for anxiety, healthy walks in the countryside, being bitten by horseflies, etc) Not to… Continue reading Now what?

Guest Blog for Nobody Knew She Was There by Freda Warrington. – Sarah Ash – Fantasy Author

Nobody Knew She Was There… This week's contributor on Sarah Ash's new guest blog is Freda Warrington, writing on "The Le Guin Equation". Funny and passionately argued. There’s been much discussion lately about the visibility, or should that be the invisibility, of women writers within the SFF genre. Well, with millions of titles now on… Continue reading Guest Blog for Nobody Knew She Was There by Freda Warrington. – Sarah Ash – Fantasy Author

Nobody Knew She Was There…a new blog

"Female Fantasy and Science Fiction writers share their thoughts on the state of the SFF genre today…and what’s most important to them when they pick up their pens."

Winterbloom first draft finished

Yep. Today I finished the first draft. Now I just have to edit it! The current word count is 180,000 plus, so I am going to have to shed a lot of pounds (as it were). I'm currently feeling slightly traumatised, because what do I do now? Of course, there's loads to do: some beta-reading… Continue reading Winterbloom first draft finished

Speculative Fiction Showcase:Speculative Fiction Links of the Week for December 18, 2015

From Cora Buhlert at the Speculative Fiction Showcase: And here is our weekly round-up of interesting links about speculative fiction from around the web, this week with yet more best SFF of 2015 lists, lots of general Star Wars discussion as well as specific discussion about The Force Awakens and comments on TV shows The… Continue reading Speculative Fiction Showcase:Speculative Fiction Links of the Week for December 18, 2015

Children of the Shaman paperback

The paperback edition of my first book, Children of the Shaman, is now available from Amazon in the US, UK and Europe. The cover art is once again by Skylar Faith of Truenotdreams Design. The book is 9 x 6 inches, which turned out larger than had expected, so it is an elegant 280 pages… Continue reading Children of the Shaman paperback

Sex from the male perspective.

From Ellen Croshain, a funny and useful article about writing sex from the male perspective. Thanks to Joanne Hall for linking to this, I really enjoyed reading it (though with a certain unease about my own sex scenes written from the male pov – I don’t think they feature any sentient penises, but you never know…)

Ellen Crosháin Author's Blog


This is my second post in response to E.L.James’ ‘Grey’, though the first one was more of a consideration of the ‘Fifty Shades’ franchise. What actually got the ball rolling on both these posts was this Buzzfeed article which picked out some of the awkward and just odd bits of ‘Grey’ and the sex scenes.

Again, I’m not bashing the author, but for an erotic novel, the sex in ‘Fifty Shades’ isn’t actually all that good. Christian, for someone who is supposed to have been a sub and is a Dom (two roles which require self-discipline and control), has absolutely no restraint and lasts about three thrusts. He is also magically ready to go again in 30 seconds…


Uh-huh, yeah.

So having read the Buzzfeed article, and really getting an extraordinary amount of giggles out of it (his penis is sentient for goodness’ sake!), my morbid curiosity was piqued. Despite…

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