Review: Elderwood Manor by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes

Michael Patrick Hicks reviews Elderwood Manor by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes. He makes it sound intriguing – and scary!

Michael Patrick Hicks


About Elderwood Manor

Things fall apart—Bruce Davenport knows this all too well.

On the heels of his wife’s death, laid-off and penniless with an eviction notice on the door, the only thing left for him and his four-year-old son Cody is Bruce’s childhood home, secluded deep within Ozark forests, haunted by the ghosts of his past.

After he receives a strange phone call from his dying mother, who has lived alone in the house for the past 15 years, Bruce reluctantly returns to the estate with his son.

But they soon find that something else dwells in the home, in the earth, in the woods. Unseen things are out for vengeance and blood. If they can survive the night, they may just find out what truly lies within the walls of…Elderwood Manor.

About the Authors

Christopher Fulbright

Christopher Fulbright is the author of short stories, novellas, and full-length novels of…

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