Kim Newman interviewed for Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3

Jan Edwards interviews Kim Newman for Alchemy Press, about his short story for their new anthology, the Book of Pulp Heroes 2.

Jan Edwards

Kim Newman02

Kim Newman has provided a 19th century adventure, “Angels of Music” for The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3:

In the ’70s – that colourful, hectic decade of garish clothes, corrupt politics, personal excess and trivial music – three girls were sent to the Paris Opéra. They could dance a little, sing a little more, were comely when painted, and cut fine female figures in tights. Were the world just, they would have been stars in the ascendant, rewarded with fame, riches and advantageous marriages.

Writing is a notoriously solitary business. What keeps you at it? The fame that constantly eludes you? Getting a lie-in in the mornings? The rubber?

Can’t do anything else, I’m afraid.

What was it that inspired “Angels of Music”?

Realising that three unrelated characters in 19th century mystery fiction were all opera singers …

There seems to have been a shift in appreciation…

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