Fantasycon & Me 2014

Jan Edwards blogging about her time at Fantasycon where Alchemy Press launched many new titles and also won the British Fantasy Award for Best Small Press 2014.
It sounds like a great time was had by all and I am looking forward to one of the cookies (which are appropriately spooky, see photo).

Jan Edwards


Last things first – for those of you who may not have heard the news – Peter Coleborn The Alchemy Press and won the British Fantasy Award for Best Small Press 2014!!! Yah! (sounds of whistles, bells and much cheering) We really were not expecting that so it made an exciting end to the weekend. None of us at Coleborn Manor expected it when we were up against such people as Fox Spirit Books (Adele Wearing), NewCon Press (Ian Whates) and Spectral Press (Simon Marshall-Jones) – any of whom would have been worthy winners! Huge thanks to those who nominated The Alchemy Press and to the judges. We are humbled! Congratulations also to all of BFA winners in 2014.

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