Malarat reviewed at Black Gate

Malarat - eBook Cover Displaying

I am delighted that Malarat has received a review from Donald Crankshaw at Black Gate, as part of his series on self-published fantasy.

Malarat is the third book in my Mir: shamanworld series, and the first to be self-published.

Short extract from the review:

Malarat’s cover says that it’s a “Novel of Love Beyond Death,” and this is certainly an instance of truth in advertising. About halfway through the novel, several of the main characters die. Just as you think the story will be about the survivors and how they deal with the loss of their friends, the story then follows the dead characters into the afterlife.

Read on to see his verdict…

Donald Crankshaw is also putting out a call for indie books to review:

If you have a book you’d like me to review, please see the submission guidelines here. I’ve run short on books that I’ve received in the past year, so anything new has a good chance of being reviewed.

Malarat can be found on Amazon here and on Amazon UK here