Me and my displacement activity

I’m reading at the moment, and enjoying it. This is a real luxury for me. I can go for long periods without being able to read at all, unless it’s connected with ‘work’.

The trouble is there seems to be so little time. I want to read, write and also socialise on the internet, but there is always this nagging worry that I ought to be engaged in marketing, or whatever you want to call it.

I want to have time to read and enjoy blogs and articles about writing, publishing – and other issues. I also want to have time to read as well as write. The only way I can learn and develop as a writer is by reading – and writing – more.

But I need time to play. Writing is about creativity. It’s not just about hard-nosed business sense and marketing, whatever people say. I’m not saying that isn’t important – or valuable – to self-published writers, but it’s not what I’m good at. If I had been good at marketing, I would have pursued a career in it.

So I need to find a way forward. I love the internet, but much of what I enjoy involves hunting vintage bargains on eBay, or pottering about on a doll forum. Socialising on Facebook can be fun too. But the other people I see on there must be better-organised than I am. I sometimes start to feel rather panicky, as if time is leaching away from me while I’m on there.

There’s no grand conclusion to this essay. I don’t have an answer. Just a problem looking for a solution.

6 thoughts on “Me and my displacement activity”

  1. It’s worked pretty well for me. You share other people’s items on your social media and they share yours. Ten minutes to set up and your good to go for a week.


    1. Thank you – that’s an interesting suggestion. I will have a look at it…but in some ways I wanted to keep some parts of my social media experience just for socialising.


      1. Agreed, here’s what I do, I have a facebook account to advertise my book and sign in to copromote with that, but only allow copromote to post to my twitter account, which I don’t use. So you could create a secondary account just for advertising.

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  2. Don’t want to sound like a twat, but perhaps it’s about working out your time as though you were in a job..? I find that if I have scheduled a couple of things in my online diary, I do them. So you say, today I will write…tomorrow I will spend looking at marketing my writing on social media…that sort of thing…?


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