I have published one of my short stories on Amazon. Called The Alukah, it features one of two friends who I shared a flat with in 1980’s London – specifically, Stoke Newington.

The Alukah is an urban fantasy set in 1983, and involves the unexpected encounter between a real person and two of my shamanworld characters. And a vampire!

The Alukah

The Alukah

The story takes place not in Bram Stoker’s Highgate Cemetery, London, but in the less well-known East London village of Stoke Newington, where the writer Daniel Defoe once lived.

These days, nearby Stamford Hill is home to one of Europe’s largest communities of Haredi Jews. And the Alukah is a creature from Jewish folklore, like the Dybbuk and the Golem.

It seemed the perfect place to introduce characters from my imaginary world, Mir, where the Wanderers resemble the Jews.

The Alukah is definitely a short – Amazon gives its length as nine pages! I wrote it for fun, and as much to capture the memory of a time and place, as anything else. It is urban fantasy only in the loosest sense of the word.

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