Guest Writer: Joanne Hall

Jan Edwards plays host to a guest blog by Fantasy Writer Joanne Hall, Chair of many Bristolcons.

Jan Edwards

Joanne Hall
aof2coverBristolian author Joanne Hall has chaired many BristolCons, Bristol’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention, and also runs the Bristol Fantasy and SF Society Facebook group. With editorial hat on she does occasion work for Dark Ocean Studios, a comics company based in San Jose, plus several anthologies published by Wizard’s Tower. Her New Kingdom fantasy trilogy, published by Epress Online, was a finalist in both the Pluto and Eppie awards. Her latest fantasy series The Art of Forgetting duology is published by Kristell Ink. Joanne’s latest novel, Spark and Carousel, which she describes as “Oliver Twist meets The Godfather, only with magic and demons”, is also due to be published by Kristell Ink in Summer 2015. 

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