Children of the Shaman paperback

The paperback edition of my first book, Children of the Shaman, is now available from Amazon in the US, UK and Europe.

Children of the Shaman - Print Cover.jpg

The cover art is once again by Skylar Faith of Truenotdreams Design. The book is 9 x 6 inches, which turned out larger than had expected, so it is an elegant 280 pages long.

This version is different to the 2001 edition in several ways. It includes a list of character names, a glossary and a map.

The cover art features a golden ring with an amber stone which plays a significant role in the first book, and most of the sequels!

Meanwhile, I’m on what I hope is the last chapter of Winterbloom! which is topping out at over 150,000 words (first draft).

Here are some links in case you are moved to go and inspect the shiny new paperback version!


Amazon UK