Guest Post: Sarah Ash

Treasuring the Initial Image – Sarah Ash guest blogs for Melanie Ifield

I’m one of those writers that squirrels ideas away like a winter hoard of nuts and berries. Or maybe my type of writer is more like a vineyard owner, bottling the new vintage and trusting that in a year or more, it’ll mature and be ready for drinking. This kind of deferred gratification (or setting ideas aside to mature at the back of the mind) first came from necessity. I started writing again when I was a busy mum with two lively (though very rewarding!) sons and a return to teaching, so anything that occurred to me had to be scribbled down in a notebook or parked in an ideas file and saved for later. But, over the years, as the sons have grown up and gone on to make their own way in the world, I look back and see that the ‘saving an idea for later’ process is one that has stood me in good stead…

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