The Girl from the Sea lands…

The Girl from the Sea

The Girl from the Sea, which launches today, is the prequel to Children of the Shaman. Set some twenty-nine years earlier, it tells the story of the eponymous Shaman, his twin sister, and their best friend, Aude d’Iforas.

They grow up in the same world, experiencing its industrial revolution, but also filled with unsettling magic. And twin shamans Yuste and Yuda Vasilyevich have to learn how to handle their own magical powers on the brink of adolescence, a process that ranges from painful to comical.

But out in the bay near the small village where they live lies the sunken city of Savorin, and something ancient has wakened from its slumbers…

At an astonishing 88 pages, The Girl from the Sea is a slim volume, literally lighter than my other books.

The book is available for purchase from the Kindle Store, to borrow from Kindle Unlimited, and also as a paperback.