The World of Letty Parker

Misha Herwin writes about the world of Letty Parker, and keeping track of the characters and details of a rich imaginary world…

Misha Herwin


When you’re about to write the last book in a six book series you have a pretty good idea of the world in which your characters live.

Letty Parker and her associates are part of the rich fabric of an alternative Bristol. Set in the time of Sarah Guppy and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, I’ve done my best to give it an authentic Victorian flavour. Getting the details of Victorian life is easy. If I don’t already know I can google what I need to find out. I also know my main characters pretty well. I have what they look like, their histories and their likes and dislikes fixed in my mind.

It’s the minor characters, the people that only appear once or twice in the series, who are the problem.

To solve this I followed the advice of friend and fellow author, Jan Edwards and made a chart. Labelled “The…

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