Malarat joins the Time Benders!

Time Benders From 24th August until September 22nd, Malarat is one of a bundle of discounted eBooks featured on StoryOrigin. Why "Time Benders"? Because all the featured books involve time travel, history and steampunk! From a re-imagining of the story of Joseph of Nazareth, to an epic historical romance set in the Kremlins (fortresses) of… Continue reading Malarat joins the Time Benders!

I went to Worldcon

 I went to Worldcon for one day - Saturday - so this will be a snapshot.The last Worldcon I visited was Intervention at Glasgow in 2005, when I attended the entire con. LonCon3 was very different. The venue, the ExCel in London's Docklands, was so vast you could have fitted several aircraft hangers inside. It… Continue reading I went to Worldcon

Ceinwen Langley does the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop

A new update to the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop from Ceinwen Langley, author of Young Adult fantasy, The Edge of the Woods. You can read her post on her blog here: Ceinwen discusses what is unique about her writing for Young Adults, and talks about her work - indeed works! in progress: a Fantasy novella and… Continue reading Ceinwen Langley does the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop