Bookgorilla author pages

I’ve started running around (like a headless chicken) creating lots of new pages for myself. First up, I was discovered a new offer from Bookgorilla, who will create a free author page for you, on the basis that you work to share the link to the best of your ability. I’m just road-testing this now, and will report back later on. In the mean time, it seems like a great idea. If you’re interested, here are some links to Bookgorilla’s page where you can read more about it: Authors, Would You Like Your Own BookGorilla Author’s Page, Totally Free? and the application form itself: BookGorilla Author’s Page Input Form There is a fun aspect too – you get to write a new bio! Here’s a link to my author page so you can see what it looks like. (The dude in the photo isn’t me – that’s Yuda, one of my characters as embodied by a 61cm BJD or ball-jointed doll. In case you were wondering). Books by Jessica Rydill In other page news…I noticed that some of my FB friends had created Pages for their books. I like this idea much better than having a FB author page. For someone like me who can come across as quite socially inept (to put it mildly) inviting people to “like” my author page is just embarrassing. But having a page for my books is rather fun. I’m not sure that it will accrue masses of followers, but it is something that I think indie and trad writers should have a look at. What I haven’t done is to explore the paid advertising that Facebook offers you. This is something quite different, and I am curious but cautious. I think it is something that may help someone who is already selling consistently well as an author. But as people seem to spend years of their lives studying advertising and marketing, I’m not convinced that an amateur like me should rush in and try to advise. Anyway…here is the new FB page for my books! Woohoo! Children of the Shaman – shamanworld