Updates to my web-site

You may have noticed that I’ve changed the appearance of both my blogs, this one and the other one that lives at Living in the Maniototo.

This is because Kristell Ink will be publishing my fourth novel, Winterbloom, and republishing my first three books: Children of the Shaman, The Glass Mountain, and Malarat.

As a result, I’ve taken down the self-published editions of my books and am trying not to explode with excitement.

The books are being reissued with new cover art commissioned by the publisher. There will be a cover reveal soon for the first one (Children of the Shaman). Of which more anon.

I’m also working on my fifth book, with the working title Tunguska, which has something to do with the airburst meteor event over the Siberian Taiga in 1908.

Or was it caused by shamans fighting?