Grimbold does Patreon

Not long ago, I mentioned I had signed up with Kristell Ink, an imprint of Grimbold Books.

Grimbold has just launched an exciting new campaign on Patreon, offering exclusive benefits to subscribers.

What is Patreon?

the world’s largest crowdfunding site for artists and creators”

For just $2 a month or more, you will obtain access to exclusive bonus content.

The Grimbold Newsletter

This will feature the latest news from Grimbold, announcements before anyone else gets to see them, and special write-ups about our latest books.

You’ll be given behind the scenes words from our authors on what inspired their writing.

Also, you get the Grim and Bold comic strip! Brand new episodes every Friday from our two trouble-making cats and their love-hate relationship.

According to how much you pledge, you will receive more rewards. For instance, if you pledge $10 or more a month, you will receive one free ebook a month!

And why should I support Grimbold, you ask?

Here’s why (apart from the exclusive content!) from the Goals section:

Patrons will get to submit their flash fiction stories first and we will give you feedback on your story.

$300 a month would help us cover our basic running costs, give us some breathing room, and help us to focus on the important parts of creating more brilliant books, and really getting the best out of our operation. Your pledges will be spent on marketing, cover art and costs such as ISBNs and website hosting.

Since opening their Patreon page, Grimbold have already raised $110 of the $300 goal.

Rewards will start on August 1st, and here are some of the things you can look forward to:

Steven Poore, author of The Heir to the North, and Joanne Hall, author of Spark and Carousel, will be releasing new short stories as Patreon exclusives.

Jessica Rydill (me) will be sharing her essay on avoiding cliches in world building.

And towards the end of August, there will be some exclusive art from Evelinn Enoksen, artist, illustrator, writer and book designer.

To read more and to view the amazing video featuring Joel Cornah, Sammy Smith and a host of Grimbold authors…and some cartoon kitties…why not go straight to

Remember – rewards go live from August 1!

(And now you can see why I didn’t pursue a profitable career in advertising).

(Main image courtesy of Joel and Joshua Cornah)

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