Nobody Knew She Was There…a new blog

Nobody Knew She Was There…

“Female Fantasy and Science Fiction writers share their thoughts on the state of the SFF genre today…and what’s most important to them when they pick up their pens.”

With many thanks to Sarah Ash, I am the first guest on this new blog, hosted by Sarah on her web-site.

Coming soon, blogs from Jan Edwards, Freda Warrington, Stephanie Burgis and Liz Williams at weekly intervals.

A snippet from my contribution…

My name is Jessica Rydill, and I’m an indie writer.
Sort of.
About fifteen years ago, I had a trad or legacy publisher, who published my first two novels, Children of the Shaman and The Glass Mountain, in paperback.
Although critically well received (as they say) they didn’t sell loads, and after a few years, my publisher and I parted company.
After that, Things Happened. Life.
I finished my third book, Malarat, in 2009. It is an epic 200,000 words long, and though my agent tried to sell it to several publishers, they were not interested, because the first two didn’t sell loads (see previous), and it was the third book in a series.
With great trepidation I set out to self-publish my third book on Amazon and the other marketplaces that sell eBooks – they are many.
Malarat first appeared in Kindle format in 2013, when I discovered the dubious joys of being a self-published author – or a hybrid, as those of us who started out in legacy publishing are referred to.
You know the title of this blog, Nobody knew she was there?
There’s a reason it’s called that.

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