Seen and Not Heard: Joanne Hall

Seen and Not Heard: Joanne Hall on Nobody Knew She Was There

This week’s guest on Nobody Knew She was There, hosted by Fantasy writer Sarah Ash, is Joanne Hall, writer and editor.

Here’s a taster:

Little girls, it’s said, should be seen and not heard.

I confess, I’ve been looking back through this awesome series of blogs and feeling pretty intimidated and out of my depth, because who would want to listen to my thoughts on the subject of women in SFF? What can I, as a little-known indie writer, possibly add to the conversation?

And then I realised I had fallen into the trap of listening to just that sort of pernicious thinking that Nobody Knew She Was There is hoping to combat; the idea that, as a woman, I should sit down and shut up. That I had nothing of value to say, even on a subject that directly affects me every day of my working life.

You can read more of the original piece here and follow Joanne’s own blog here; Sarah Ash’s web-site can be found here.