Now what?

With Winterbloom and its predecessors having been accepted for publication by Kristell Ink, I am now facing that olde authorial dilemma: what to write next?

(I am also facing the dilemma what to read next. In fact #amreading but with interruptions for anxiety, healthy walks in the countryside, being bitten by horseflies, etc)

Not to mention doll machinations!

I have already started work on something. Two things, in fact. They are in the nature of feelers, as I explore what to do.

I really wish that the European referendum was done. The uncertainty and anxiety are doing me head in, in quite a major way. I think there is something terribly wrong with the zeitgeist. (Or is that the weltschmerz?)

It has been a week marked by horrible events, including the mass shooting at a Gay night-club in Orlando, FL and the murder of MP Jo Cox by a right-wing extremist.

In these circumstances, the importance of my writing (except to me) seems to pale into insignificance.

I’m also having problems concentrating. Anxiety and depression can be a real killer where writing is concerned. They can be the spur to write, but they can also interrupt the whole process.

A lot of writers have been talking about depression and other issues that can affect them. I wish I could talk about mine, but I’ve always been reluctant to discuss them, not just because of stigma but because I feel reticent.

So I’m going to leave this hanging! I hope the EU referendum resolves the situation (for the country) but I’m not convinced it will. I’m going to vote to remain because I feel that Britain’s future lies within the European Community. It undoubtedly needs reform, but I am persuaded that to retreat into the mythological past of Island Britain would not bring any of the results that have been promised by the Brexit campaigners.