Is the site of a famous asteroid/meteorite airburst, though some people think it was aUFO crash.

The local people attributed it to shamans fighting.

And there’s an X Files episode with the same name.

It is now the working title of my next book, which probably won’t be called that because Tunguska is a real place in this world.

All it describes at the moment is a vague idea. All I really know is that it involves Annat, one of my favourite characters, who got a bit side-lined in Winterbloom, the last book I wrote.

A lot of Winterbloom was set in England in the 1920s. With one or two liberties taken with history, of course.

In the vexed question of what to write next, I can go in one of several directions. And I’ve started to explore them, with Tunguska being one of the explorations.

I have also had a stab (hollow larf) at writing a book about Richard III. But there have been a plethora of books written about him lately, and it feels like a backward step. Everything I’ve written about him so far has felt second-hand and slightly empty.

More anon…