Starting Out as an Indie Author: Ebook Pricing

Author Ruth Nestvold on the pitfalls of pricing for indie writers. Defnitely worth a read, as this is a topic that gives me a lot of sleepless nights!

Ruth Nestvold - Indie Adventures

Once you’ve written your book, had it beta-read, edited, proof-read, what have you; once you’ve got a great, eye-catching cover and gripping book description; once you’ve formatted the interior (or had someone do it for you) so that your book looks professional on an eReader; after all that, then you are ready to publish.

Only: what price are you going to charge for your book?

There are many philosophies out there regarding eBook pricing, from those who are offended by the idea of pricing their book for less than a Grande Caffe Latte, to those who who advocate “price pulsing” (raising and lowering prices on a regular basis in response to sales, or lack of same), those who swear by 99c to reach as many readers as possible, or those who set a price without much thought and never touch it again.

What it comes down to is: what is…

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Here is my interview with Jan Edwards

Fiona Mcvie interviews Jan Edwards.



Name: Jan Edwards


Where are you from:

I am from Sussex originally, but spent my teens in South London. Welsh mother, Geordie/Midlander father so I’m a bit of a mongrel roots-wise. Currently living in Staffordshire Moorlands with my husband, Peter Coleborn, three cats and a few elderly chickens.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

Jan: That is epic in itself. Let me see— I left school at 15 and had many and varied jobs from stable girl to librarian to motorcycle sales via marker gardener, civil servant and book seller. There were other jobs but life is too short to list them all. Spent almost twenty years as a Master Locksmith (first woman in UK to qualify). I am now a reiki master and meditational healer when not writing or editing.
I gained a BA in English lit later in life; gained a…

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Guest Writer: Joanne Hall

Jan Edwards plays host to a guest blog by Fantasy Writer Joanne Hall, Chair of many Bristolcons.

Jan Edwards

Joanne Hall
aof2coverBristolian author Joanne Hall has chaired many BristolCons, Bristol’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention, and also runs the Bristol Fantasy and SF Society Facebook group. With editorial hat on she does occasion work for Dark Ocean Studios, a comics company based in San Jose, plus several anthologies published by Wizard’s Tower. Her New Kingdom fantasy trilogy, published by Epress Online, was a finalist in both the Pluto and Eppie awards. Her latest fantasy series The Art of Forgetting duology is published by Kristell Ink. Joanne’s latest novel, Spark and Carousel, which she describes as “Oliver Twist meets The Godfather, only with magic and demons”, is also due to be published by Kristell Ink in Summer 2015. 

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Kindle books to entertain

Quick! Free to download, some interesting books from Penkhull Press…

Jan Edwards

As a christmas bonus between Christmas and New Year Penkhull Press has put titles up for free download. The offer runs out tomorrow (29th) so be quick!

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallgabriel-coverdownload51pDZIMN2mL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_

Sussex Tales by Jan Edwards – HERE
House of Shadows by Misha M Herwin  – HERE
The First Book of Gabriel by Malcolm Harvard – HERE
 It Never Was Worthwhile by Jem Shaw and Malcolm Havard – HERE

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I went to Bristolcon!

This was my first ever trip to Bristolcon, a convention in the city of Bristol that has been running for six years. I sat on three panels, the first one at 10 o'clock after the opening speech by the redoubtable Joanne Hall, who has been running Bristolcon since its inception. I was moderating a panel… Continue reading I went to Bristolcon!

My programme for Bristolcon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

On Saturday, 25th October, I will be attending Bristolcon in (gasp!) Bristol, at the Doubletree Hotel. The Guests of Honour are Jon Courtenay Grinwood, Emma Newman and Julian Quaye. It is a one-day Con, and you can read more about it here: I am taking part in two panels, The first one is at 10.00… Continue reading My programme for Bristolcon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Sarah Ash interviewed for the Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2

Here Sarah Ash talks to Jan Edwards about her writing and her short story for the Alchemy Press book of Urban Mythic 2 (I now have my own copy!).
Alchemy Press just won the British Fantasy Award for Best Small Press 2014.
Sarah Ash is the author of The Tears of Artamon Trilogy and its sequels. The first book in her new two-part series, a Japanese fantasy called The Flood Dragon’s Sacrifice, is now available from Amazon.
Jan Edwards is a writer, editor and Reiki Master.

Jan Edwards

Sarah Ash“La Vouivre” by Sarah Ash features in  The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2.

Tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

I love stories. When I was a child, I used to scribble after ‘lights out’ by the street lamp outside my window, filling little notebooks with barely legible scrawl in different coloured crayons. Growing up in Bath, I used to wonder about all the lives lived out from pre-Roman times till the present day and how what happened back then gradually became transmuted into local legend as it was told and re-told through the ages. Which is why what I like to explore in my own writing what would happen, for example, if a rational, enlightened eighteenth century soldier-prince encountered real, raw magic when waging war on the neighbouring country (The Tears of Artamon). I was trained as a musician and taught…

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Fantasycon & Me 2014

Jan Edwards blogging about her time at Fantasycon where Alchemy Press launched many new titles and also won the British Fantasy Award for Best Small Press 2014.
It sounds like a great time was had by all and I am looking forward to one of the cookies (which are appropriately spooky, see photo).

Jan Edwards


Last things first – for those of you who may not have heard the news – Peter Coleborn The Alchemy Press and won the British Fantasy Award for Best Small Press 2014!!! Yah! (sounds of whistles, bells and much cheering) We really were not expecting that so it made an exciting end to the weekend. None of us at Coleborn Manor expected it when we were up against such people as Fox Spirit Books (Adele Wearing), NewCon Press (Ian Whates) and Spectral Press (Simon Marshall-Jones) – any of whom would have been worthy winners! Huge thanks to those who nominated The Alchemy Press and to the judges. We are humbled! Congratulations also to all of BFA winners in 2014.

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Christine Morgan interviewed by Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2

Alchemy Press talks to Christine Morgan, one of the contributors to their Book of Urban Mythic 2. The book is being launched at Fantasycon this weekend.

Jan Edwards

Christine Morgan j-peg

Christine Morgan’s “High School Mythical: Asgard“ appears in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2. She answers a few questions here:

Tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

I’ve been a reader as long as I can remember. I love language. It’s like Play-Doh, a complete sensory experience that, with patience and practice, can make almost anything you imagine. Among my childhood friends, I was the storyteller who came up with ideas for let’s pretend, and constructed elaborate scenarios for my toys. As a teenager, I got into role-playing games as another outlet. Once I began attempting to write for real, I started with ‘traditional’ fantasy … but horror was my true calling. These days, it’s mostly historical horror and dark fantasy, with an emphasis on drawing from mythology, folklore, and various ancient cultures.

What is at the root of your Urban Mythic story?


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